Allan Revich, M.Ed., Consultant in Victoria, British Columbia

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone from their side of the table on your team? There is no substitute for insight, and that’s what I bring to the table.

After 18 years at the University of Toronto I retired, and moved to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. For several years at U of T I worked for the union representing 5000 university staff and was responsible for negotiating settlements of hundreds of disputes. Consulting, coaching, and facilitation services are available online or in person.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Assistance

With experience in everything from multi-million dollar collective agreements to interpersonal conflicts, I am available to assist with any type of dispute or negotiation. I am equally comfortable sitting at the negotiating table, or working behind the scenes providing coaching, research, and support.

Relevant experience includes:
  • Collective agreement negotiation experience in a unionized environment with a payroll of more that 300 million dollars
  • Grievance settlement negotiation
  • Arbitration and mediation representation
  • Dispute resolution through mediation and facilitation
  • Negotiation consulting and coaching

If you need an advantage in collective bargaining, help with negotiations of any kind, or just a helpful expert to “bounce ideas” off, get in touch.

8 Negotiation Tips You Can Use Right Now

The 3-S Model of Fundamental Human Needs
The 3-S model was designed by Allan Revich to aid in understanding motivation. It can be very useful when the other parties in a negotiation do not seem to be acting rationally.